FILIGREE  silver  950
CROSS  gold 14
TRIO  ring gold 14
FLOWER filigree silver  950
RING  gold 18
The ruby was also presented as a gift to the guest of this year?s film festival “Manaki” in Bitola, the Hollywood actress Daryl Hannah by the Macedonian Film Fund.
Macedonian ruby is to be found in the residency of the President of Republic Macedonia - prof. Dr. Gjorgje Ivanov. A brilliant Idea for creating a new well known diplomatic gift.
At the present few world celebrities have received the Macedonian pink ruby as a gift:

The Pope Benedict XVI has recieved a cross with Macedonian Ruby of 18 carats gold, made by the artist Vlado Gava (May 2009).
Since November 2010, the sample of Macedonian Ruby was presented to the great Indi Yogi Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda - Swamiji.
Paula Morelenbaum has 10 years of experience with the orchestra of Antonio Carlos Jobim. During the Skopje Jazz Festival show (2010) she got a filigree star with Macedonian Ruby.
The summer 2008 the Republic Macedonia was visited by the Royal Family of the Hunza people of Pakistan. A filigree flower with Macedonian Ruby and 8 Amazonites from Mariovo Region was presented by organizers to the princess Rani Atiqa.
The owner of the foundry in Florence in Italy, where the lions of the Macedonian sculptor Konstantin Janev were casted, Mr. Marinelli has also received this priceless stone.
       Since the inception of the Crystals Shop in Skopje - DEKO (2002), we have been also advised to promote the MACEDONIAN RUBY. 
       My first reaction to that was doubtful concerning the natural uniqueness of the MACEDONIAN RUBY. I said to myself: “probably it is all about some improvised nomination of the stone’s name, what usually happens on the market. The ruby is luxurious stone, so if we have it, it will make it widely famous almost as the Ohrid pearl”.
      We have found few lumps that I started to present wherever I would go, asking for the opinion from the experts in this field. Eventually I was touched by their answer: “Oh Boy wherever from this stone originates, know it is not the finest one, but it is a RUBY!”.  Amazed I said to myself: “We have to model this stone and home in Macedonia!!!”.
       So, after few years discussions and investments, the ring with the MACEDONIAN RUBY was presented on the spring market of handmade items in the Old Bazaar in Skopje. Studded in silver and already sold to one nice lady. And... it had won the award for the best invention. Sitel TV published this news, and also the daily newspaper Vreme on the cover page.
       The next year and half we have tried to improve the technique of manufacturing, trying to cope with the deadlines for the ordered specimen.
       At the same time started modestly its new public promotion in the Medias. Without investing of additional financial means.
       Today, part of the interested audience already knows for the first class jewellery - MACEDONIAN RUBY and the possibility to shape a unique gem sample.
       The establishing of this web site is also a part of the project MACEDONIAN RUBY and its promotion to the level of a wide known Macedonian jewel with certified geographic origin!
       It has been working on the involving of all the state factors that they can contribute the MACEDONIAN RUBY to become available for every tourist, because this one of the best ways for its export and promotion worldwide. 
       The prices are available, from 600 denars, for the pendants, and upwards, depending on the metal that is built-in. The jewel is unique and it is hand-made. The colour of the MACEDONIAN RUBY can also express the state of our spiritual being.
       Katrina Rafael, one of the experts of worldwide crystal therapy and healing, said that this has one of the most powerful rays of a crystal in the world which treats the energetic field of the heart.

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The minister of culture Elizabeta Kancheska Milevska was admired by the idea for incorporating of the Macedonian ruby in the traditional Macedonian jewellery.
Since the last year, the Macedonian Ruby becomes an item of Diplomatic gifts in the cabinet of the vice Prime Minister Mrs. Teuta Arifi.
'Пеперутка' Македонски Рубин во сребрен филигран Приврзок 'Крст' со Македонски Рубин, сребрен филигран Приврзок 'Цветче' со Македонски Рубин, сребрен филигран Приврзок со Македонски Рубин, сребрен филигран Обетки 'Цветче' со Македонски Рубин, сребрен филигран Обетки 'Капка' со Македонски Рубин, сребрен филигран Приврзок 'Срце' со Македонски Рубин, бело злато