FILIGREE  silver  950
CROSS  gold 14
TRIO  ring gold 14
FLOWER filigree silver  950
RING  gold 18
       In 2002 in Skopje the company KLERZO dooel was established.
Primary goal: in its small exhibition-sales salon located near the Greek embassy and with the public presentations on fairs and in the medias, to conduct education in the field of recognizing and usage of the most famous types of natural minerals, fossils and jewels. Great success and a positive answer from the visitors and the audience have been noted.
       Deko is the founder of the Crystal’s Shops in Skopje. He was born in 1964. As a kid he plays hide and seek, football, marbles with his pals Vlade, Bobo, Vlatko and his sister Diana in front of their building.
       He had started very early to play piano and mouth-organs. He spent his entire childhood and youth rehearsing, in plays, performances and concerts. Firstly folk music and partisan knots. When he was 13 he had discovered Deep Purple, so he was bought organ and dives deeply into the rock and roll philosophy of living and creating.

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'Пеперутка' Македонски Рубин во сребрен филигран Приврзок 'Крст' со Македонски Рубин, сребрен филигран Приврзок 'Цветче' со Македонски Рубин, сребрен филигран Приврзок со Македонски Рубин, сребрен филигран Обетки 'Цветче' со Македонски Рубин, сребрен филигран Обетки 'Капка' со Македонски Рубин, сребрен филигран Приврзок 'Срце' со Македонски Рубин, бело злато
МК Рубин и Амазонит, ковано сребро 925 ‰   8.000.- ден

МК Рубин обетки „СОНЦЕНЦА“   2.900.- ден

Music history of Deko:

- 78 / 82 “Kocka Led” ( with Stanko, Marche, Tozo, Chavche, Ranko and Benjo).

- 83 / 86 “Badmingtons“( with Vladimir Petrovski - Karter and Boris Georgiev- But) watch here

- 87 / 88Aleksandar Makedonski” (with Karter, Bajo, Chavche, Melita and Verica Jankovic) 1) watch here, 2) watch here

- 89 Associate and coauthor on the project Macedonian patriotic and Love Folk Songs of Janko Uzunov watch here

- 89 / 91 `` Klerzo`` ( with Gish, Goni, Vencislav Smakjoski Cine, Toni zapek, Bobi, Irena, Cavce, Vlatche) watch here
In the meanwhile he masters karate by Master Slave Pashovski, and as Vodno mountain lover he wanders it regularly on the peak “Planinarski”.
He wanders Skopje mostly with his bike and in the last 4 years with his “new” legendary Peugeot 404.
-1990 He graduated at Agricultural Faculty, and in 1991 because of the hard economic situation and the beginning of the war in Yugoslavia he is not able to find decent job, hence he goes to Italy at his aunts.

-1992 - 2001 he gets to know with the Italian coffee tycoon Primo Rovis. At the Rovis house he works first for few days and then for few weeks more.
In June, 1992 he gets introduced for the very first time to the magic world of crystals, thus he start almost permanently with the arrangement of Mr Rovis collection.

       He further pursues his career in the field of presentation and salesmen of specimen of the Arte di Dio collection, period where he meets persons that will deeply mark his artistic growth (prof. Margarita Hack, prof. Antonio Brambatti, prof. Arturo Falaschi, Bruno Maskarel, Princess Beatrice of Savoy, prof. Dimitry Rundkvist, palaeontologists  Stefano Piccini and Flavio Bacchia and many other more or less experienced naturalists and discoverers of crystals, society, humanity, spirituality and life).

       During October and November of the jubilee 2000 the collection Arte di Dio is exclusively opened in the Basilica of San Lorenzo Ticineze in Milano, where Deko meets the stylists  Ottavio Missoni and Mila Schon. During tihis period, Deko learn yoga uder the guideness of famous indian Yogi - Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda.
       In 2001 right in the face of the war conflict in Macedonia Deko returns back home to Macedonia, with the idea for opening retail and exhibition for education and popularisation of the magic world of the natural minerals and crystals.

       This idea culminated with the promotion of the Macedonian Ruby and his branding and transforming it in one exclusively typical Macedonian product.

       From 1999 to 2006 Deko was involved in the promotion of the Macedonian Music and Culture in Europe, as organizer of the Agushevi Orchestra lead by the King of Trumpet - Kocho Agushev from Strumica. As of 2007 he takes part reforming of the legendary trio Badmingtons.

Today Deko is 47, practices yoga, climbs onto Vodno Mountain, goes to church and he keeps the old instruments from his childhood and youth.