The human organism is a source of electromagnetic emission. It is known that every living cell emits such waves. According to that, all organisms create specific and unique magnetic field, through which all creatures on earth are to be found in vibrational interaction.
In the human body there is so called vibrational network, through which all electromagnetic waves are circulating and thereby creating their own coherent field to every individual.

       The electromagnetic field of an ill person differs from that one of a healthy person. The crystal therapy uses the electromagnetic emissions of the crystals to prevent any illness or to fight it. This energy is subtle, totally harmless for the organism and is sufficient to move the defence mechanisms of the organism and also to restore the already disordered coherent electromagnetic fields. Therefore all biochemical processes return to balance.

       For the crystal therapy the cause of disease one finds in the disorder of the frequency of the coherent electromagnetic field, which is typical for each organism. Stable frequency is a guarantee for undisputed reaction of physiological processes in the organism, and disordered frequency of the electromagnetic vibrations is a beginning of illness. The purpose of crystal therapy is to improving the balance of frequencies or values identical to the physiological.
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       With second return of the disordered coherent field in balance there can be achieved self regulated processes i.e. are released self biological active substances that manifest their activity on the cellular and molecular level.

       According to the biophysical understanding of disease, the first level in its genesis is disorder of frequencies in the stabile electromagnetic field of the organism (human, animal, plant).

       In the second half of the 20th century, was discovered that human organism possesses its own characteristic frequency of the electromagnetic field in microwave diapason 30-300 gigahertz, as well the organism is capable to register change of the frequency for only 100th portion of a percent!

       Thus, until the stabile frequency in organism exists, there will be also stabile biochemical processes i.e. there will be no sign of any disease. With disorder of the frequency there is a gradual change in the biochemical processes in the cells what evokes basis for some disease to be developed. In this way, one can easily see the mode of emergence of any disease, this mode is first biophysical and then biochemical.