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Environmental healing
       Mr Kiro Skartov is architect engineer, expert for urbanisation of Skopje.
His perennial livelong experience in architecture and environment in the last 20 years is upgraded with the engagements for usage of crystals in protection of the working space from negative energetic influences of factor complex.

Consultations and meetings with Mr Kiro, are feasible mostly on Friday, or every day with an appointment. 

Info tel. 02/2466-352, 070/937-839
Which crystals should we use mostly?
In present experience we use following crystals at most:

Clear Quartz (rock crystal) - pure, transparent, energetically very solid, and used in all cases;

Amethyst - violet, transparent, with abatable effect;

Citrine - gold-yellow, transparent, protector of the solar plexus;

Chalcedony - light-blue to sky-blue, not transparent;

Agate - could be found in various colours and nuances, sometimes blurry-transparent, often with characteristic multi-colour;

Aventurine - mostly green, not transparent;

Carnelian - Reddish orange brow chalcedony, sometimes blurry translucent, mostly recommended as anti-depressant.

       For protection of the space one should not move the furniture around, because the influence of crystals covers the blue space as constructive whole. The costs for the basic configuration of crystals for protection of the space are shown as slightly lower from the price of other methods of protection that are known in Macedonia. The effects in protection of space with crystals are relatively visible from the customers, due to the traits of each natural crystal. Of course, also depending on the enthusiasm and experience Mr Kiros!